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Articles, Videos and upcoming Vue.js Trainings

The Heise Developer Channel published my (German) article about Vue.js today. The Workshop for the enterJS conference is fully-booked (but you can join the waiting list; maybe we extend the session with more trainers). I also link the recorded talks that I’ve given in the past.


Dotfiles for crossplatform projects

Whenever I start a new project, I like to check in configurations to Git, so that every other developer uses the same settings as I did. This also leads to more reproducible build.

This post summarizes the different files and their interdependencies.

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Asciidoctor Deep Dive

Asciidoc is a markup language for documentation. Asciidoctor is a popular implementation of a rendering engine for Asciidoc.

I’ve given a talk Asciidoctor Deep Dive at the JavaLand conference. I post the code samples, the slides and a video recording here.

In the talk I share my experiences with Asciidoctor, tips and tricks and hints to style your PlantUML diagrams. I also show how to get most out of Asciidoctor PDF generation using templates and extensions.

Microservices Article in Informatik Spektrum

Microservices - more than a hype?

For the German magazine Informatik Spektrum I wrote an article capturing the current ideas of microservices as an introduction.

It’s based on my project experience over the last two years. A free online-version of the article is available as well!

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