Asciidoctor Deep Dive

Asciidoc is a markup language for documentation. Asciidoctor is a popular implementation of a rendering engine for Asciidoc.

Conventions allow you to add formatting to your text and structure it with tables, lists and chapters. You can keep your Asciidoc files in a versioning system like Git to track all changes. Many companies and open source projects use it to write their technical documentation.

My talk “Asciidoctor Deep Dive” shows you the details on how to tackle corner cases in formatting. The second part of the talk shows you how to create PDF files with the PDF extension of Asciidoctor.

The slides are in English. There is currently only a recording in German. I hope to recording of an English session soon.

You find the example repository on GitHub:

If you want to learn more about the topic, watch Hubert Sablonnière’s talk at Devoxx 2017: “Documentation as code (explained to my dad)”

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Previous Talks

Contact me if you want me to talk about this topic at your meetup, company or conference. I’m also available for trainings and workshops.

  • [en] Asciidoctor Deep Dive, JavaLand 2018 in Brühl on 2018-03-13..14
  • [en] Continuous Delivery for your Documentation, Continuous Lifecycle 2017 in Mannheim on 2018-03-13..14
  • [de] Gesunde Dokumentation mit Asciidoctor, Entwicklertag Karlsruhe 2016 on 2016-06-15
  • [de] Gesunde Dokumentation mit Asciidoctor, Berlin Expert Days 2015 (Berlin) on 2015-09-17..18

Recorded video (German)

Video on Vimeo: 'Asciidoctor Deep Dive' (German)

Slides of previous talks

Speakerdeck slides of 'Continuous Delivery for your Documentation'
Speakerdeck slides of 'Asciidoctor Deep Dive'
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