At least the ones outside work.

IntelliJ plugin for AsciiDoc

I use AsciiDoc in several business and spare time projects to maintain documentation. My favorite IDE is IntelliJ. This way I got in contact with the IntelliJ Plugin for Asciidoc, which I am now maintaining. I respond to tickets, coordinate the work around pull requests and release new versions.

You can find more information on the Asciidoctor-IntelliJ-Plugin Github project.

Prometheus-Hystrix plugin

Prometheus is a timeseries based monitoring system that was originally developed at Soundcloud and is now part of the Cloud Native Computing Platform. Hystrix is a circuit breaker library originally released by Netflix. I contribute to it by maintaining the module to publish Hystrix metrics to Prometheus.

You can find more information on the Prometheus-Hystrix Github project.

Vue.js Frankfurt

I'm co-organizing Vue.js Frankfurt, a meetup community for anyone interested Vue.js. Join us at one of our events to get to know our community. We hope to see you around!

Find out more about our events and trainings on the Vue.js Frankfurt Homepage.

Tutorials and Example Projects

Now and then I publish repositories that show code examples alongside my talks. For example Consul, Hystrix, Zipkin, Spring Sleuth, Testing with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and others. Have a look around and get in contact!

You can find more information on my personal Github account.


This lists projects I contributed to in the past, but don't currently contribute do.