Continuous Documentation Camp

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Continuous Integration and Delivery is commonplace for software. Let’s benefit from the same principles and apply them to documentation as well: Keep it up to date, run automated tests, collaborate as teams, roll it to production seamlessly.

I firmly believe that ecosystems can only evolve if they understand their users. The need to write documentation for software is universal, yet each project has different audiences for its documentation and unique constraints. Let’s find out what’s common, what methods and tools work, and where we need to improve!

Update: The Continuous Documentation Camp is rebooting

I planned for an un-conference, but planning was difficult due to the COVID-19 virus. The number of registered participants was too small. The camp is rebooting to find a new concept to attract more participants and to avoid an impact of the virus.

All tickets have been refunded. Follow me on Twitter to receive updates on a new concept once it is available.

Contact me if you want to help or share ideas how to make this concept work.

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