Monitoring with Micrometer

The project Micrometer sets out to be a vendor neutral facade to publish metrics of Java applications. Version 1.0 was published together with Spring Boot Version 2.0, and it is now the standard metrics library for Spring Boot 2.0.

Micrometer allows you to collect multidimensional metrics, histograms and descriptive help texts for metrics. This makes it a very good fit for Prometheus.

This talk gives an introduction on how Metrics fit into the picture of Observability and the architecture of Micrometer. It sets up the necessary configuration and infrastructure step by step with a Spring Boot application where Prometheus collects the metrics and Grafana displays them.

You find slides and a recorded video below. See you soon in Frankfurt and Berlin for a live version of the talk – there’ll even be some Micrometer stickers for your laptops!

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