Logging and Tracing with Zipkin and Spring Sleuth

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The OpenZipkin project provides tracing information not only for Java Programs. This allows you to propagate context information within and between services. It also collects timing information that will prove valuable to hunt latencies in your application.

I maintain an examples project on Github to show how to use the context information provided by Zipkin and Spring Sleuth.

Over the time there is now a collection of resources available online:

The audio quality on the English recording is not very good, I hope I can re-record it another conference at some point in time.

Contact me if you want me to talk about this topic at your meetup, company or conference. I’m also available for trainings and workshops.

Upcoming Talks

  • Logging and Tracing for your Microservices – Log4j, Zipkin and Spring Sleuth, JAX DevOps London on 2018-04-10..11 Link to event
  • Logs mit Kontext - Log4j im Zusammenspiel mit Zipkin und Spring Sleuth, JUG Kaiserslautern on 2018-04-18 Link to event
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