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Vue.js is a client side JavaScript framework that is developer friendly: a command line interface to create new projects, few concepts to learn one by one, great online documentation, and top of the league developer tools. All this will get you started in no time working on modular and maintainable apps.

Under the hood there is a fast state of the art rendering engine applying unidirectional data flow and virtual DOM that eliminates manual optimizations. Transitions are already part of the core engine so your apps will look fancy, too!

I’ve started to use Vue.js in early 2016 and my talks and trainings are based on the day-to-day experience at my company. Please also have a look at the Vue.js Frankfurt Meetup that I co-organize.

You can book me for on-site trainigs. There’s also a German article on the Heise Developer Channel and an article on

You can already take a peek preview at the slides on Speakerdeck and the recorded talks.

But don’t miss out the opportunity to see the talk live: There will be live demos and free stickers!

Previous Trainings

Previous Talks

  • [de] Vue.js: Konzepte, Entwicklungswerkzeuge und Anwendungsszenarien, Bitkom AK Software Engineering on 2019-02-26
  • [de] Vue.js - klare Konzepte, vielseitig, performant, IT Tage Frankfurt on 2018-12-11..13
  • [de] Einstieg in Vue.js (full day training), enterJS Darmstadt on 2018-06-16..18
  • [en] Vue.js - developer friendly, fast and versatile, JavaLand 2018 on 2018-03-13..14
  • [en] Vue.js - developer friendly, fast and versatile, Jfokus 2018 on 2018-02-05..07
  • [de] Vue.js - klare Konzepte, vielseitig, performant, enterJS Darmstadt on 2017-06-20..22


Slides of previous talks

Speakerdeck slides of 'Vue.js - developer friendly, fast and versatile' Speakerdeck slides of 'Slides of 'Vue.js - Klare Konzepte, vielseitig, performant'

Recorded videos (German and English)

Video auf Vimeo: 'Vue.js - klare Konzepte, vielseitig, performant' Video on Youtube: 'Vue.js - developer friendly, fast and versatile'
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